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10 Questions With The Xzony Founders

10 Questions With The Xzony Founders

We sat down with the founders of Xzony, a rising brand in the world of athleisure and sportswear fashion, to understand more about them and their brand. Eddie and Pete, the dynamic duo behind Xzony, share their insights on the brand's inspiration, values, and their journey as brand owners.


(There's Pete on the left and Eddie on the right) 


1. What inspired you to start this brand, and what motivated you to enter the world of athleisure/sportswear fashion? Was there a specific gap in the market that you aimed to fill with your brand?


Eddie and Pete: “Competing at a high level in sport ourselves inspired us to design and create Xzony as a Brand for people to be comfortable whilst feeling great in whatever they’re doing. We ourselves, love the garments and feel they compliment exactly what we’re looking to achieve in the market. Whilst we’ve taken great ideas from many other brands, we’ve very much put our own stamp on what we believe people will want to wear, hence that being the gap in the market.”

“We were motivated by the desire to wear comfortable and stylish garments while competing in sport, so we thought why not create our own?!”


2. Can you share a bit about your backgrounds and experiences prior to launching the brand? How have your previous experiences prepared you for running a successful athleisure/sportswear brand?


Eddie and Pete: “We both compete in an equestrian sport of Mounted Games, it’s a very physical sport, requiring us to be fit, as we have to jump on and off the horses at high speed, so we need to stay in shape to do so. We still compete now and have produced a lot of team kits and more for this through Xzony. Our previous experience in sport has helped with this, as it’s given us great insight on what we feel is needed and comfortable when doing high-intensity sport in a variety of weathers and conditions.”

“Eddie is a farmer by trade and Pete a publican, but we are connected by sport and have a mutual desire to take Xzony to the top in the athleisure sphere, as they’re garments we are proud to wear ourselves, as well as selling to our customers.”


(Mounted Games event wearing Xzony clothing!) 
3. What sets your brand apart from others in the industry? How do you differentiate your brand in terms of design, quality, or ethos?


Eddie and Pete: “Our brand to us is very tried and tested, in that we and our ambassadors like what they are wearing and feel great in the clothing. Whether it be when they are in the gym, playing their sport, or even just relaxing, it's everyday wear we feel they always look and feel great in and the quality of our products is very good. The designs are classic but have a modern edge which people like. I think you can take a lot from other brands and how their products work to improve our own, but we endeavour to be unique to set us apart from the rest.”

“If you look at our sportswear range, the logo is generally in the centre of the back, which is unusual, but brilliantly subtle and we think people like the plain front and it stands us out from competitors.”


4. How do you approach the design process for your products? What inspires the designs and aesthetics of your product line?


Eddie and Pete: “The designs are based primarily on comfort and style, we want people to be comfortable and our products to be their go-to items whilst feeling a million dollars. We are always looking at innovative designs and creating new products that will fit the exact look and feel we’re going for at Xzony.”

“Fashion trends have a lot to do with Xzony’s current outlook depending on the seasons, but we always make sure we have our own stamp on them. We like to be proud of the garments we are producing and feel comfortable ourselves in them, but also consult with our ambassadors and people close to us, as to what they’d wear.”


5. Sustainability and ethical practices are becoming more important in the fashion industry. How does your brand address these concerns?


Eddie and Pete: “All our products have been tried and tested and are hugely sustainable, there are descriptions on each product on our website as to exactly what the garments are made from and you’ll see we are really conscious of making sure X-Zony is following ethical procedures and the products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.”

“All our packaging is done in brown paper, which is recyclable/biodegradable and great for the environment as well.”


6. Could you share a defining moment that led you to realise that creating an athleisure/sportswear brand was your passion and calling?


Eddie and Pete: “We sponsor the England Mounted Games team and for us in our own sport, seeing our shirts out there winning the World Championships, keeping the England team comfortable and in great style was the first real highlight for us as a brand. There have been many other moments and seeing our brand in sporting realms is always fantastic for us.”


7. Can you describe the collaborative dynamic between the two of you as brand owners?


Eddie and Pete: “We compliment each other well as brand owners, as although we’re very similar in a lot of ways, we’re also polar opposites in others. We’ve been great friends for years, but definitely have different strengths that help Xzony. You’ll always find on a night out we’re both the life and soul, whereas Eddie might take things a step too far and Pete being the older one, has to make sure he doesn’t make too much a fool of himself. Eddie is very practical and hands-on, whereas Pete has the flair for problem-solving. There have been times where Eddie comes up with a great idea, tells Pete and Pete adapts it and puts it into practice.”

“A lot of the ideas for designs and logo placement is very much a joint effort and we think it works well that we both respect each other’s ideas and can come up with the perfect outcome for us.”


8. What was the inspiration behind the brand?


Eddie and Pete:“We wanted to create a brand that would stand out from the others. The X in the logo looks like a man, generally he has an Orange Circle for a head, but looks like someone in the gym, or a weightlifter, so fits perfectly as an athleisure brand.”


9. How do you see the future of your brand?


Eddie and Pete: “We hope to build X-Zony to become a leading brand in the athleisure sphere. We believe you should always aim high, it’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears but we really enjoy what we do, so that to us is half the success already. Expansions will always be on the horizon as we get bigger and we always have new upcoming collections depending on the time and fashion of the moment. Seasons make a huge difference in what the brand is all about at the time, so our summer range would differ from our winter range, but we like to stay consistent throughout the brand.”


10. Final Question, what message would you like to convey to your customers and supporters?


Eddie and Pete: “We hope and endeavour to have a good relationship with all our customers that then leads them to continue to buy our products and have a good rapport with us in the future. We will have loyalty schemes and more to make customers feel part of the Xzony Family and help with the success of the Brand.”

“The sky’s the limit and we want to make sure 100% of our customers are returning customers and love the brand and products.”

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