X-Zony feature in plenty of sporting events and are growing in numbers all the time.

We sponsor the England Mga teams every year that attend the World Team Championships, the European Championships & The Royal Welsh show. The kit is always striking and stands out brilliantly with great designs.

Here is Sadie Lock in the 2018 kit:


Plenty of other international Mga teams wear X-Zony kit and designs, Germany, Denmark, Scotland, Wales, Norway, USA, the list goes on.


They use X-Zony for all sorts of products, team shirts, jackets, hoodies, saddlecloths, hatsilks to name but a few.


X-Zony can also be seen in the Polo world, alongside our two fantastic Polo player ambassadors, Negro de Lussaretta & Ollie Cork we also have created these fantastic team shirts for Waireka Polo team in a bespoke style chosen by them.

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